Day 24: Something I did as A Child that People Remember Me For

Well, as a kid, I talked alot, was pretty social, and was not shy (nothing much has changed with that). When I was like a few years old, I stood up in front of the whole church and sang. I sang a song that goes like this:

When you’re sitting in church and the preacher is preaching, don’t monkey around. Find a good seat, sit down, don’t be a clown.

But I also had trouble saying certian letters as a kid, so I actually sang it like this:

When you sittin’ in chuwch, and duh pweachuh is pweachin’, don’t monkey awound. Fine uh good seat, sit down, don’t be a cwown.

And still to this day, I’ll see people who knew me when I was that young and they’ll say “Oh! I remember when you sang in front of the church…” and then they pinch my cheeks and say how cute I was (and still am). ;)


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