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Day 21: Cities or New Surrender? Go!

As much as I love Cities, I’d have to go with New Surrender. When asked to pick a favorite Anberlin album, I picked New Surrender for a different reason than most people would pick an album. I feel like I can’t say them any better than I did the first time:

"My favorite Anberlin album would have to be New Surrender. Not because it’s the one I listen to the most, or because it has all my favorite songs. Not because it was the first album I owned, or because I made great memories with it or anything like that. It’s my favorite album because I feel like it’s the album I can relate to the most. I feel like all the tracks tell a story of my life. The entire album is really emotional. Not that other Anberlin albums aren’t like that, or that I don’t relate to any of their other stuff. But I would say New Surrender is my album. I feel like each track tells a part of my own life. Each one brings back memories of something or someone or some time in my life. Every time I listen to New Surrender, I’m reminded why I love Anberlin so much-because they speak through their music in ways a lot of other bands can’t. Is New Surrender the album I listen to the most? No. Is it the album with all my favorite Anberlin songs? Not really. But New Surrender is my album. Because New Surrender is me.”




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Day 20: Anberlin has covered many artists, such as Radiohead and When in Rome. Which Anberlin cover is your favorite and why?

Even though I adore Anberlin’s covers of legends like The Smiths, Radiohead, Bob Dylan, etc., I think my favorite Anberlin cover would have to be “Mother”. I have always loved it, but I don’t think I fully appreciated its beauty until I head the original Danzig version. Anberlin takes this song from being a hard, loud, 80’s metal song, to a soft and lovely acoustic piece. Anberlin has always put their own “flair” into covers, but MAN! Seeing what Anberlin did with this one amazed me. I love it so much, not nessicarily because of the lyrics or message of the song, but because of the way Anberlin took an old 80’s metal song, turned it into something completely different, and still put as much emotion and feeling into it.






chris, chris and chris

Marvel started a project 40 years ago to start growing their characters in labs. And because of a bookkeeping error, they named them all Chris.

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Day 19: What Anberlin song do you feel was specifically written for you?

Haight St is MY song! It’s so fun and all about getting out and living! It always reminds me that I’m young and free and should take advantage of the time while I’ve got it. It reminds me to live life to the fullest and have fun every chance I get. It reminds me that staying out late, dancing, loud music, going to parties, and driving fast is part of being young. It lets me know that it’s all good to be a little wild, let may hair down, have a little fun, and just ignore everything else in the world. Haight St has always been one of my favorite Anberlin songs, because it reminds me of myself.

The review mirror shows the towns we’re abandoning. Let’s leave this life behind, forgetting all they say. The time we have is time well borrowed. Stay out all night, forget tomorrow.

Let’s you and me make a night of it! Old enough to know, but too young to care.

Who cares if there’s trouble tonight? Who cares? (‘cause the kids are alright.) Tonight we’ll take this town, because we’re old enough to know, but too young to care.

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Anberlin Challenge Day 18: Favorite album cover art

I really love the album cover to “Never Take Friendship Personal”. Especially the backside.


Anberlin Challenge Day 17: We all have one.  You know what I’m talking about—that Anberlin song you’ve heard one too many times and are now sick of it.  Come on, be honest—you know you’ve got one.  :)

This is so hard! But okay, yes. I do have one. And it’s one of Anberlin’s greatest songs: “The Unwinding Cable Car”.

I can’t say that I hate this song. It is a really good song. There’s some days I genuinely want to listen to it. But for the most part, I have heard it so much that when it comes on, I often skip it. And if someone said, “Hey, let’s only listen to ONE Anberin song”, Unwinding Cable Car wouldn’t be my first choice.

When I used to watch JCTV alot, they’d play music videos almost all day long. And “The Unwinding Cable Car” came on SO much, I just got sick of it. For a long time, I didn’t even like listening to it. But now, I really do like it. It just isn’t one of my favorite Anberlin songs in the world.

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brianhadsell asked: Hello :) My name is Brian Matthew Hadsell and I am a Singer-Songwriter from San Francisco California. I would like to introduce myself and was wondering if you could please listen to my music on my tumblr?

Of course! I like your song “You Know It’s You and Me”. It sounds really nice.

Anybody who likes soft acoustic type music should go listen to this guy’s music. For the rest of you people who don’t like soft acoustic type music…I’m so sorry…I’m so very sorry.