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Please excuse me while I gush about it little bee.

Please excuse me while I gush about it little bee.


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Genie, I'm...I'm gonna miss you.

R.I.P. Robin Williams (July 21, 1951 - August 11, 2014)

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"Oh captain, my captain."


"Oh captain, my captain."

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“ Close your eyes.
From Hook to Jumanji to Dead Poet’s Society
With wonder and fantasy and passion
Your joy became watercolor poetry that filled
in the sun and made people everywhere
believe in themselves and believe in life.
We’ve seen you weep and stand on a desk to view the world differently.
We’ve seen you fight for what you wanted and desired.
Maybe these were just characters, but you brought them to life.
I don’t know your middle name or your wife’s name or how you felt the first moment you realized you were famous or the first time you felt alive,
but I know you were sixty-three when you felt the desks collapse and
the walls close in and suddenly we remembered you were fighting a battle, too.
Suddenly we feel an absence we hadn’t felt before.
Suddenly we feel a sadness we do not know how to describe.
We’re all fighting battles and we realize that with your passing
and we’re sorry you had to leave.
You made us laugh and you made us weep and you made
us stand in our movie theatre seats and raise our fists to a life worth living.
OH CAPTAIN, MY CAPTAIN, we will remember you. ”

Robin Williams, by Amanda Helm  (via firstdefeat)

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What is success?

Beautiful. This is why I’ll love this band always and forever.

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I have to say this. And then I’m done.

I am utterly amazed at how dumb people can be.

I have seen some of my friends post of facebook about to death of Robin Williams, and they say things like this (these are actual posts I’ve read-no joke, copied and pasted right off my dashboard):

"Yes Robin Williams committed suicide and that is terribly sad. But what about this?" (This person proceeds to post a video of someone in Iraq being killed. Someone then commented on this, saying, "This is why the Robin Williams story broke. They want everyone good and distracted from what’s really going on.")

"Robin Williams committed suicide today. The news will cover it extensively. People who didn’t know him will cry out that it’s a major loss to them. On average, 23 Veterans will also commit suicide today, because the ravages ruined their mind. The news will NOT cover this. Nobody but the families will notice. Robin Williams starred in a movie about Vietnam. Many Veterans who will kill themselves served there. As you were.”

"I was trying so hard to hold my tongue but look Robin Williams passed of his own free will sure he was a good actor but good people die everyday I hate all the hype people who kill themselves get. Soldiers die serving our country not killing themselves and they don’t get any recognition. I’m so sick of this crap." A commentator then said, "I agree with you so its all good there are many more things going to that deserve the time and thoughts not this!!!!” After having so many negative comments posted on his status, this poster said in response to various comments, “…He knew he was depressed he had more access to help and resources being how famous and how much money he had yet me and several close people in my life go through it everyday, suicide isn’t the answer I’m sick of people thinking it is!…He had probably thought about this before and when he thought like this he should have gotten help and not been left alone…He should have gone to rehab where he could be watched…He got my respect for every movie he made but he shouldn’t have played god.”


These are just three of so many other statuses I’ve read like this. Honestly, they make me very angry. Not because Robin Williams was my favorite actor or because I was his number one fan or anything like that. They make me angry because they are not giving him the decent respect he deserves. How ignorant and selfish to post something like that! To take something serious—a person who felt like they lost all hope in life—and say that something else is more important! Soldiers dying is very sad, and yes, they die very honorably. I know that, and I deeply respect those who give their lives for our country. But shame on people for trying to say that one life is more important than the other. Don’t we say that we believe that “all men are created equal”? As cliche as that phrase is, it’s still true. No person’s life is more important than the others.

It’s just so insensitive and idiotic to say something like that about anyone. Suicide is a real and serious thing. If someone you knew committed suicide, you wouldn’t say crap like that about them. So give the poor man the same respect. People just find it really easy to say these things about him because he was famous. But regardless of the size of his bank account or his social status, he was always a human being. He was just a human being with a heart and soul that was hurting. And that alone should be enough reason for people to respect his death and not post trash on the internet.

Nobody is saying that you’re required to weep and mourn over his death. Nobody says you’re required to post about or comment on his death. Nobody is even saying that you’re required to feel sad. But at least have the human decency to stay quiet and respect that he was a person who passed away and left other hurting people behind him. Maybe instead of taking time to post about how many “better things” there are to think about, you should take that time to pray for those hurting and broken hearts he left behind.


Guys, I don’t think you realize how bad I wish I was alive in the 60’s and 70’s. Seriously.

So long, honey baby. Where I’m bound, I can’t tell. But goodbye’s too good a word, baby, so I’ll just say “fare-thee-well”. I ain’t a-sayin’ you treated me unkind (you coulda done better, but I don’t mind). You just kinda wasted my precious time. But don’t think twice-it’s alright.

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Day 25: A powerful line from an Anberlin song

The very first one that comes to mind is from “Never Take Friendship Personal”.

The greatest tragedy is not your death, but a life without reason, a life with no purpose.

Also, from “Burn Out Brighter (Northern Lights)”:

Don’t wanna leave this life, knowing I breathed in vain. Looked out for myself, so sorry, so ashamed. Don’t wanna leave this life, knowing I barely tried-chased all my dreams that I hid away on the inside.